News and Events from August 2020

News Archive August 2020

  • Damage Based Agreements - New scheme introduced by Faculty

    26 August 2020

    Faculty Services Ltd has published an updated version of the Scheme For The Accounting For And Collection Of Counsels’ Fees. The new version of the Scheme incorporates changes to the section on Speculative Fees arising from the Civil Litigat... READ MORE

  • Chris Miller hosting Zoom Webinar 10 Sep from 3pm

    14 August 2020

    A Re-Examination of the Examination of Witnesses: An Essential Overview of Examination-in- Chief, Cross-Examination, and Submissions in Civil Proofs and Criminal Trials Chris Miller will be hosting a Webinar on 10 September from 3pm for 30 mins.&... READ MORE

  • Michael Upton represents Scottish Creel Federation

    11 August 2020

    Following a contested hearing on 21st July, on 7th August the Court of Session granted permission for the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation to seek judicial review of the Scottish Minister’s failure to approve its proposal that tra... READ MORE