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Graeme Dalgleish in Major Equal Pay Victory for Glasgow Claimants

Major Equal Pay victory for Glasgow Claimants - After over 5 years of litigation, thousands of claimants represented by Graeme Dalgleish, Advocate, have been completely vindicated in their successful challenge to Glasgow City Council's job evaluation scheme.

In the successful appeal to the Inner House, the court found that the council's job evaluation scheme was not valid, the council having failed to prove that it was a valid and compliant scheme meeting the requirements of equal pay law and thus blocking thousands of individual equal value challenges by employees. This follows two earlier hearings where the council had asserted the validity of its novel, untested and bespoke job evaluation scheme, a scheme used by no other council in the UK. The Inner House found that there was a fatal lack of evidence provided by the council to support its assertions on validity and that it had failed to discharge the burden of proof upon it.