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Themis Advocates wish to share their expertise, and contribute to debate in the profession.

Given the current pandemic, we cannot meet in person but virtual platforms mean we can still stay up-to-date and discuss matters of interest and practice!

Over the coming months, Themis Advocates will be hosting webinars rather than seminars, in each of which an important issue in today’s legal world will be discussed. Here are the first five.

If you wish to book on any of the undernoted talks, please click on the link provided and register. We look forward to welcoming you:


Running Order

22nd Jul, 1500 – Kirsty Hood QC - The cross-border legal issues which can arise even when staying at home:  During the pandemic we have all had to find ways to operate and work safely and effectively, without travelling far. However, that does not mean that cross-border legal issues do not arise from our new ways of working. This webinar flags up some of those issues.


29th Jul, 1500 – Michael Upton - The New Electronic Communications Code: The Digital Economy Act 2017 provides that the presence and use of telecoms apparatus on land and buildings are now largely governed by the new Electronic Communications Code. Operators may apply to the Lands Tribunal for compulsory rights to install apparatus on another person’s property, with strictly-defined criteria for setting rents and under judicial and voluntary grants, they have significant security of tenure. On the other hand, the Code is complex and operators and landlords all need to follow its notice and other procedures carefully.  The last 18 months have begun to see the first substantive judgments about the Code's effect.  All property lawyers (and many litigation lawyers) need to know about it.


12th Aug 20, 1500 – Catherine MacColl – COVID Creditors - Rules and Remedies: Taking a look at how the Scottish and UK governments have legislated for changes to the insolvency and sequestration regimes, as well as  changes to the relationship between landlords and tenants, looking at how recovery of debts and recovery of heritable property are affected by the COVID emergency. 

10th Sep 20, 1500 - Chris Miller - A Re-Examination of the Examination of Witnesses: An Essential Overview of Examination-in Chief, Cross-Examination, and Submissions in Civil proofs and Criminal Trials

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Further webinars will follow, and if in the meantime you wish to discuss in-house training via webinars tailored to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at